Book Review: ‘Business Or Pleasure: A Novel’ By Rachel Lynn Solomon

Chandler Cohen is a ghostwriter for famous people, and she’s at the book signing of the latest book she wrote. No one knows who she is, and she feels funny being there. She meets a man, and hangs out with him, and sleeps with him. The sex is awkward, and not good. No worries for her, as she will never see him again. She gets her next writing assignment, and it turns out to be for a C-actor named Finn Walsh, the man she slept with. They agree to not worry about the night, and keep things professional, until Chandler slips about the sex being bad. He makes her a deal, when not working on the book, she will work with him on his sex skills, and teach him to be a better lover. Well you know how this will go, they fall for each other, but have to figure out where things will go, personally or professionally. A fun, steamy novel, with a few twists, and good supporting characters. Fans of rom-coms will like this one. A perfect summer beach read (it comes out on July 4th).

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