Book Review: ‘Boomer1: A Novel’ Looks At Millennials vs. Baby Boomers

Author Daniel Torday has written a fascinating look at life from a millennial’s point of view and what he perceives as the baby boomers holding him and other millennial’s hostage in life. It has it’s moments of being funny, realistic and has it’s hands on today’s pulse of life. It also helps explore the dark web and how something can set off something even bigger with horrible results.

Mark Brumfeld is living in New York City, plays in a band and has a job and a PHD in English. He has a girlfriend Cassie who lives with him and also plays in a band and with Mark on occasion. He has hit his thirties and things seem to be going good for him. Until they don’t. He and Cassie break up. Mark cannot find a good job (or any job for that matter) even with great qualifications. He ends up moving back to his parent’s basement in Baltimore and becomes somewhat of a slacker.

He decides that it is the baby boomer’s fault and he starts posting videos on YouTube calling them out. His videos start going viral and he has started a wave. Boom Boom is his catch. He makes more videos that become popular. He hides who he is doing these videos. The problem is they go to viral. New protest groups spring up and start doing violence across the country to well known baby boomers. As Mark hits chat rooms on the dark web he sees that his videos have made these people go out of control.

The story shifts back and forth and tells the stories of Mark, Cassie and Mark’s mother Julie from their perspectives and also how these videos and the aftermath of them has sprung their lives into today. And because of Mark and his actions all three are at places by the end of the book they never thought they would be.

The story shows how people can be easily influenced by something. Whether it is Trump calling the news media ‘Fake’ or Mark telling people to blame the ‘Baby Boomers’ words do indeed have consequences and actions.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 18 from St. Martin’s Press.

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