Book Review: ‘Bone Deep’ Is A Scary, Page-Turner Of A Tale

A twisty and propulsive read, this dark psychological thriller of sibling rivalry, love, betrayal, and the dire consequences of family fallout brilliantly plays on our fears of loneliness and abandonment, harkening to the modern gothic bestsellers by Ruth Ware and Liz Nugent.

When I first started this book, I had the usual hope that I would enjoy it. Well, after chapter one, and my introduction to the great central characters that displayed themselves so well, I knew I was in for a treat. We meet Mac, a wonderfully drawn retired academic, crusty and so intelligent she is scary, about to embark on the history of folk tales and legends with the assistance of Lucie, who will type the manuscripts and the translations and who is as odd as two left feet!

In the background, of course, is the old mill. I was rubbing my hands with glee because I realized I had a front row ticket to all the shenanigans I knew would surely follow, and follow they did! We quickly realize that both women do not like each other and Mac’s son, a local baker, is taken with Lucie and discovers she has a sister that is also disliked. The old legend reflects the underlying story between now and then. Of course, the sister has a boyfriend, Reuben, with a roving eye and hand where Lucie is concerned and so the plot thickens.

However, the bad impression comes from the mill itself and it’s remarkable to see the inanimate taking over the human as we witness the mill become Mac. This is presented very well and leaves you feeling more than a little shaken. Talking about the different personalities, including the mill, it is remarkable how you can watch the gradual sinking of Mac into madness. Author Sandra Ireland draws a great picture for you.

‘Bone Deep’ is very scary at times and you will be reluctant to turn the pages. It has been brilliantly crafted and presented for you in a way you simply won’t forget. Read it once, then read it again as you will enjoy being scared second time around!

Available in bookstores Tuesday, June 11th

Ann McDonald

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