Book Review: ‘Blind Search’ Is The Next Thrilling Merci And Elvis The Dog Mystery

It’s October and that means one thing Hunting Season in the Green Mountains of Vermont. It means all sorts of problems with people not paying attention to rules, poachers and mayhem. For Merci Carr it’s time to get out the bow and arrow and practice. And Elvis the dog to run and get the arrows and return them. But this time he doesn’t come back. When Merci goes to find him he’s with a dead body with an arrow through the heart. The state police are called which means Harrington is on the way. He hates Merci and Troy, who has turned up with Susie Bear his dog. The body turns out to belong to Alice de Clare, who was visiting with Ethan at the estate of Daniel Feinberg.

When Susie and Elvis run off they find a nine year old boy named Henry hiding out (he is the son of Ethan) and he seems shell-shocked. They think he knows something about Alice. Merci is hired by Daniel to look into the murder (and then another murder takes place) with one of the guest of Daniel. Merci is investigating both along with Elvis.

As the days go by the weather is becoming a factor and Merci is trying to figure out who is responsible, protect Henry and her own live, as attempts are made on both of them. She’s also getting closer with Troy until she learns a shocking secret that rocks her world.

This is the second book in the series following last year’s A Borrowing Of Bones. This story is as enjoyable as the first one. Any book that features two awesome dogs is fine with me. The characters including the dogs are well-written and there was more development in this story. Going forward should be interesting to see where the Troy/Merci relationship goes.

You can pick up Blind Search in stores on Tuesday, November 5th from Minotaur.

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