Book Review: ‘Black Dog: A Stone Barrington Novel’ By Stuart Woods

I’ve been reading Stone Barrington books for years and just love the series (and occassional spin-off novels) and this latest book Black Dog, is one of the best novels in the series yet. Stone is home in New York when his secretary Joan informs him he has a new potenital client and she wants to see him right now. The woman is Joan’s aunt, Annetta Charles, whose rich husband has passed away and made her a very wealthy woman. She wants Stone to draw her up a new will and get her step-son Eddie out of her life. She is giving him a monthly allowance and that’s all. But Eddie is a pain in the ass and won’t leave Stone alone. And then when Anetta is found murdered, Joan gets the shock of her life. And Eddie is in for shock as well, as he is still cut off except his trust fund. And everyone figures Eddie killed her, but there’s no proof, until he starts making dumb mistakes and it’s up to Joan and Stone to stop him. This book gives Joan a big story, which makes me happy and Fred gets some action as well. And FYI…minor spoiler….Stone takes a long time to get laid in this book. Book number 62 is a great read for old and new readers of the series.

You can pick up Black Dog in stores on Tuesday, August 2nd from Putnam.

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