Book Review: ‘Better Than Fiction: A Novel’ By Alexa Martin

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Drew Young went to college and her love is photography. When her Grandmother dies, she leaves her beloved book store, the Book Nook, in Denver to her. She’s never been a reader, but works hard to make the bookstore successful. They have a regular crew of people, including ‘the Dirty Birds’ book club, friends of her late Grandmother, and women Drew has known for a long time. They set up an appearance by romance writer and hottie Jasper Williams, who is in town to write his new book. He ends up using Drew as a tour guide, and soon the sparks fly. They fall in love and things are going well, until her estranged father shows up wanting to sell the bookstore and saying he is going to contest the will. And soon Drew learns of her Grandmother’s true wishes for the store and Jasper’s connection to her. It causes a strain in their relationship, and they will have to figure out what kind of future they may have after this revelation. The lead characters are fun to follow, and the supporting crew is equally will-written, with some good LOL moments. Another solid rom-com for fans of the genre.

You can pick up Better Than Fiction in stores on Tuesday, November 8th from Berkley.