Book Review: ‘The Banker’s Wife’ Is A Page-Turning Thriller

by | Jun 23, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

A plane crash sets off a frantic search that impacts two women in two different continents.

A private plane on the way to Geneva crashes and kills Matthew Werner, a banker who works for Swiss United, which handles offshore banking and his assistant. His wife Annabel is heartbroken and alone. Soon things around her start getting crazy. People are watching her and she remembers back to something Matthew had said to her about a painting he bought her. She starts researching things and wonders if his plane really crashed and what is going on with Swiss United.

In the United States journalist Marina Tourneau is engaged to Grant Ellis, the son of a powerful man that is announcing his candidacy to be President. Marina intents to stop writing but is asked to help with one last story. When her mentor is found murdered she intends to follow the clues and find out why. Soon things hit too close to home and she learns shocking secrets that could blow her new life to pieces.

As both women dig it leads them to learn that they are connected in ways they never thought they would be and both of their lives are in danger and it’s too late to turn back.

It’s a page-turning thriller with twists and turns that lead to a climatic, thrill ride of an ending. Author Cristina Alger looks into the world of power and wealth and the offshore world of banking. If her future novels are as good as this one I am in to read them!

The Banker’s Wife is in stores on Tuesday, July 3 From Putnam.