Book Review: ‘Band Of Sisters’ Is The Next Great Lauren Willig Novel

Kate Moran has escaped her family and is going to college at Smith College in 1917. The war in Europe has been going on for a while now and Kate is given the opportunity to go to Paris and help our with the Smith College Relief Tour. It’s a group of 17 women that will assist villagers. The trip over is rough but they make it France. This is when things start going bad. Their hotel doesn’t have enough rooms, their equipment hasn’t arrived and they’re staying in abandoded chateau as they begin their work. Then they have to each deal with all the other girls, when differences and secrets come out. And then there is the war going on around them. Will they be able to work together or will they be torn apart by the differences and the war?

Author Lauren Willig excels at writing historical fiction novels. Everytime I read one I am blown away by her research and the way she details things (it’s like she was there). It’s a fantastic book from the beginning to the very end. I can’t wait to see what Lauren comes up with next.

You can pick up Band Of Sisters in stores on Tuesday, March 2nd from William Morrow.

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