Book Review: ‘Awakened’ Is A Great Debut Thriller From Impractical Jokers Star James S. Murray

It took James S. Murray many years to get his debut thriller Awakened finally published (he wrote it with Darren Wearmouth). It was well worth the wait. The thriller is a page-turning great debut. Filled with characters you root for and others that you want to get what’s coming to them. A scary thriller right up to the climatic end. This first story in the series is well worth reading (I am assuming this is going to be a series of books). James shows he is more than just a funny guy but has a great, vivid imagination and a way to tell a scary story.

It begins in New York when a new underground subway system is ready to go to connect to New Jersey. The Mayor of New York, the President and other important people are there for the first ride. The mayor’s wife is one of the first riders. It takes off and midway through the ride something happens. They here screaming and when the car comes through it is empty and all that is found is blood all over the place. The President is whisked away to a secure location as it is thought it is a terrorist attack.

As troops and cops are arriving to the area to try and figure out what is happening high levels of methane gas are being reported. On top of that there is a plan to try and eliminate the President and it’s up to one man to save him against all odds. As troops descend on the tunnel they find out it’s not terrorists but something much worse. Something has been awoken under the earth and it’s not friendly. It’s downright dangerous and could be the end of mankind.

We learn that a major plot has been put in place involving a secret organization and these creatures. It involves people in our own government (and almost no one can be trusted) and it will take a few brave individuals to try and end this threat to man before it’s too late.

You can pick up Awakened in stores on Tuesday, June 26.

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