Book Review: ‘Any Means Necessary: A Leona Lindberg Thriller’ By Jenny Rogneby

The follow up to Leona: The Die Is Cast finds Leona still up to her next in trouble and it could mean trouble for those close to her. In Any Means Necessary Leona Lindberg has to interview a man Fred Sjostrom who tried to blow up the Swedish Parliament. It’s the last thing she wants to do. Because she’s so good at her job she doesn’t have a way out. She’s in need of money since she had to give up what she had. She’s crooked and others have caught on to her. She has a new idea for a job to make some quick money.

She is teaching a secret class to criminals to help her rob an armory truck. Of course things get complicated. One of the guys training is David Lind, who is out of jail and is now a Criminal Informant. He’s taking the class and Leona falls for him. This causes all sorts of issues. Leona is in therapy but it doesn’t seem to help. She also has to keep an eye out for her daughter so harm comes to her. Her life is so complicated now and she has to find a way to balance it all without anyone getting hurt and not getting caught.

I didn’t read the first book and it doesn’t seem like it’s necessary. Enough backstory is given so that you can jump right in. Leona is a fascinating character with a lot of flaws and issues in her life. It makes for a great read.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, February 12th from Other Press.

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