Book Review: ‘Any Man’ By Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn’s debut novel is one of Entertainment Weekly’s and Vanity Fair’s picks for the summer. It’s a tough read but a fair, well-written book that looks at the lives of six men that have been sexually assaulted by someone with the name of Maude. They have met at bars, online or in their homes. Often taken by surprise. This serial assaulter has been at large for years.

The stories of each of these men is told and at times their lives interact because of what they went through. Sexual assault is never easy whether you are a man or woman. There’s shame, self loathing and fear about it. And the media and police. Did you do something to deserve it? And no one deserves to be assaulted. No means No. We learn each of their stories and their feelings and how they deal with it (some tragic and others taking stock in their lives and trying to help others).

The book isn’t written as a normal mystery type story. It has different formats to it including lyrical, online chat reads, social media posts. It really makes you feel for the victims here and in real life when you hear about assaults to men and women. Amber has been a big part of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement and this book can go a long way to maybe helping people out.

You can pick up Any Man in stores from Harper on Tuesday, June 26.

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