Book Review: ‘In Another Country And Besides’ Is A Throw Book Noir Story

A mysterious woman meets Harry Hoffman in a bar and his life will never be the same again.

In Venice after the war Harry is working on his next book. Already having a successful one under his belt. He is out one night and witnesses a murder but doesn’t say anything. At a bar he sees a beautiful woman named Cleo. She is mysterious and alluring to Harry. They soon get together and he learns about her past and what she is going through now. She is married with a daughter and on the run from her husband. Harry vows to protect her.

When her husband shows up an agreement is worked out with him. But there’s also another man who’s interested in Cleo and he becomes obsessed. Harry doesn’t like this and he plots to take him out. What won’t Harry do for love?

Author Maxwell Jacobs has written an old fashioned noir like you would see in the 40’s and 50’s Hollywood. Cleo is a femme fatale, who you’re never really sure is telling the truth. She has Harry wrapped around her finger and he with a few well planned twists and turns leads to a shocking ending.

Also at a short 256 pages, makes it even more enjoyable for the reader. You can pick it up in stores now.

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