Book Review: ‘Anne Of Manhattan’ Is A Delightful Rom-Con By Brian Starler

It’s time for Anne to leave Long Island and move to Manhattan to attend grad school. She’s moving in with her friend Diana and ready to become a writer. While out one night in a bar she runs into her old rival Gil, who she has known since she was a kid. He use to tease her and she never really liked him. One night at a party back then they kissed but it went nowhere. Now she’s dismayed to learn he’s going to the same school and she has a class with him. She’s also put together with him to work on a school project. They become close and get into a relationship. And then like any rom-com something happens and they have a huge fight and break-up. Now the question is can they put this behind them and work things out to be together.

Based in part on the classic novel Anne Of Green Gables, it’s another in a long string of well-written rom-coms, with characters you root for. Add in some steamy love scenes and what more can you ask for.

You can pick up Anne Of Manhattan in stores on Tuesday, June 1st from William Morrow Paperbacks.

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