Book Review: ‘Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match: A Novel’ By Sally Thorne

This might be my favorite rom-com so far this year. A fun take on the Frankenstein story, that is funny, thrilling and a great love story with characters that so well-written and you root for them the whole time. Just a great novel. The year is 1814 and Angelika is 24 years-old, single and never been with a man. She’s the sister of Victor Frankenstein, their rich and Victor is engaged to be married. Angelika wants a man and wants to be in love. On this night Victor creates his monster, who runs away and Angelika creates her man. He has no memory of who he is and Angelika is in love with him right away. They decide to call him Will, who questions everything because he can’t remember. He knows he likes her and wants to be with her. But he keeps messing with her head and soon he teaches her lessons and she becomes a better person. They soon discover that Will and the monster may not survive very long and this is after Will finally comes to terms with his feelings. An absolute blast of a novel that won’t want to put down.

You can pick up Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match in stoes now from Avon.

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