Book Review: ‘All The Ruined Men’ By Bill Glose

Author Bill Glose is a combat veteran and in his new book he tells stories of what it’s like for the brave American soldiers, who are in combat in Irag and Afghanistan. Each chapter is told about some of the men and the things that went on. In the first chapter, a sergeant must stop two of his members from fighting and it involves camels. A soldier must deal with his face being disfigured when he gets home. Glose has written an intense book about these brave men who are serving and going through hell at times, away from their families and facing harsh situations in foreign countries. He draws upon his experince being in service and these stories can be tough to read at times and seen through the eyes of the soldiers. It’s a powerful novel that will stay with you long after you have finished it.

You can pick up All The Ruined Men in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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