Book Review: ‘A Tidy Ending: A Novel’ By Joanna Cannon

Linda and her husband Terry haved moved to a new house in the same division and nothing has changed with their marriage. She is unhappy and has to put up with his ways. Then a young woman is murdered and it’s the talk of the area. Then Linda notices a lot of mail and stuff is arriving for a woman named Rebecca Finch, who use to live in the house. Linda starts to wonder what her life was like and how her life now could be like Rebecca’s would be and she even thinks they could be friends if she could find her. As Linda searches, so do the police for a murderer and it may end up being someone closer that they ever thought. The book is smartly written, at times humorous. Throw in some well-placed twists and you’ve got a great late summer thriller.

You can pick up A Tidy Ending in stores on Tuesday, August 2nd from Scribner.

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