Book Review: ‘A River Enchanted: A Novel’ By Rebecca Ross

The magical, mythical island of Cadence is the setting for this novel about two sides of the island in a decades old feud, between the east and the west. Jack Tamerlaine left the island 10 years ago and now has been called back, to train as a bard. Upon his return he finds out he has a younger sister and that two girls have vanished. He’s forced to work with his nemisis Adaira Tamlerlaine, who is a future ruler of the east. Jack’s musical skills come in handy as he plays to the Gods of the ocean, wind, fire and air to try and learn where the girls are. Then another girl goes missing and they know it’s not a God that has taken them but a human and it is soon learned it’s from the west and shocking secrets are revealed and it’s another East vs. West showdown, with lives at stake and people’s destiny shaped forever. If you’re a fan of magical novels this is right up your alley. It’s the first in a new series from author Ross and it’s well-written, with twists you don’t see coming. Fantasy fans will eat this up.

You can pick up A River Enchanted in stores on Tuesday, February 18th from Harper Voyager.

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