Book Review: ‘A Love Hate Thing’ By Whitney D. Grandison

Tyson Trice, who’s seventeen years old, has had a rough life. He’s from the rough part of Lindenwood with his abusive father and his mother. He learned a lot on the streets. Six months ago he was shot when his father killed his mother, then tried to kill him and took his own life. He survived and lived with his Grandfather, who died right after. He asked the Smith family, who have money and live in the wealthy area of Pacific Hills, to take in Tyson when he passed. He use to mow their lawn years ago and Tyson and their daughter Nandy were close friends, as were the parents.

Tyson figures he only has six months until he’s 18 and then can leave. He’s still suffering from what happened to his family and his connection to it. Nandy is not happy about him living with them. She’s a social butterfly and one of the most popular girls in town. She’s dating Chad, from another prominent, powerful family. There are cliques all around among her friends. She and Tyson don’t get along at first but slowly become friends again.

As Tyson fits into Nandy’s world he finds it hard to adjust but makes an effort. There’s also something brewing between him and Nandy. And when the pull of his old live and friends in Linderwood come calling it could cost him everything. When Nandy and Tyson finally figure out their feelings it causes a ripple in the family and with their friends. And when Tyson tries to put his past behind him once and for all, it could cost him everything, including Nandy.

There’s nothing like young love between the good girl from the right side of the tracks and the bad boy. Author Whitney D. Grandison has written a sterling Young Adult novel that looks at things from both characters points of views and the things they face as the get ready for adulthood and the effects of true love.

You can pick up A Love Hate Thing in stores on Tuesday, January 7th.

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