Book Review: ‘A Little Bit Of Karma’ By ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Shannon and Jay Lovejoy have built an empire out of giving out relationship advice. Radio shows, books and tours to adoring fans. But what everyone doesn’t know is that Shannon caught Jay having an affair and now she wants a divorce. But a big event scheduled at a retreat in the Virgin Islands must go on or they stand to lose a lot of money and lawsuits. Things are going okay and they even have sex but then Jay’s mistress Vonda shows up and starts making trouble. Shannon has had it and decides she’s done and is going to leave. That is until she finds Jay at Vonda’s hotel room and dead inside.

They’re trying to figure out what their next move is when they are taken hostage and learn that Vonda was into something dangerous and made Jay part of it, even though he didn’t know this. It leads to stunning twists and turns and the two of them having to work together to solve this mystery and maybe their marriage, if they can escape their captures, in a solid page-turning thriller.

You can pick up A Little Bit Of Karma in stores on Tuesday, September 29th from Gallery.

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