Book Review: ‘A Good Mother: A Novel’ By Lara Bazelon

In West Germany a soldier named Travis is dead at the hands of his young 19 year-old wife and mother of his daughter Luz. The question is was it self-defense or murder? The case is taking place in federal court in Los Angeles, since it happened on a military base. A public defender named Abby is assisgned the case and is known for her previous case. Abby is about to have a baby and is going on maternity leave. She desperately wants to defend Luz and cuts her leave short to return to the case. Investigations and discoveries are made. And then the trial starts and there’s twists and turns and explosive reveals throughout the case. The question now before the jury is should Luz be found guilty or innocent?

This is the debut novel for author Lara Bazelon and it’s a thrilling story to follow along with. It has everything you need in a story with interesting characters, a trial you follow along in real-time and as I said before twists and turns that keep the reader on the edge of their seat waiting for the verdict.

You can pick up A Good Mother in stores on Tuesday, May 11th from Hanover Square Press.

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