Book Review: ‘A Death Long Overdue: A Lighthouse Library Mystery’ By Eva Gates

Book number 7 in the series finds Bertie having her 40th anniversary of her college class. They decide to hold the first night of the weekend party in the library. Lucy has it all set up to look back on the past for everyone. 21 people are expected plus Charlie the cat. Then Helen Sanchez shows up. She is a former library director and she wasn’t invited.

After the reception a group of the women go for a walk along the shore to hear stories. Then they notice that Helena is missing and her body is found in the water dead. And Lucy being Lucy can’t leave this alone and decides to investigate the murder along with her trusted cat Charlie. She will need to solve this quickly before she becomes the next victim.

Another fun book in the series that always have fun, quirky characters and of course Charlie the cat.

You can pick it up in stores now.

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