Book Review: ‘A Deadly Edition: A Blue Ridge Library Mystery’ By Victoria Gilbert

It’s almost time for Amy Webber, a librarian and her dance teaching finance Richard Muir to get married. Just a month away and even her absentee brother Scott has showed up. A pre-wedding party hosted by Kurt Kendrick may put a damper on things when one of the guests is found dead. And it’s later confirmed he was murdered with a deadly poison. There are a number of suspects, including Scott. As the wedding preperations continue, Amy starts investigating the various people at the party and who might have had a reason to commit murder. As her wedding day approaches, Amy gets a little to close to who the murderer is and she may not make it to her wedding.

This is book number five in the series and it’s as good as the first one. These books are fun to read and with interesting characters and an easy to read story.

You can pick up A Deadly Edition in stores on Tuesday, December 8th from Crooked Land.

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