Book Review: ‘A Crafter Hooks A Killer’ Is The Next Fun Handcrafted Mystery

Book number two in the Handcrafted Mystery series is as good as the first one. This time Samantha Kane (Sammy as everyone calls her) is excited for a book signing by author Jane Johnson, who has written a great craft book. Community Craft in Heartsford is hosting the event. Jane shows up a few days early and stops in the shop. She wants to talk to Sammy privately about what happened to Kate (the previous owner who died a few years ago) and was Sammy’s best friend. They agree to meet in 20 minutes on the beach. When Sammy gets there Jane is dead. She has been murdered.

Sammy is on the case now much to the chagrin of the police who tell her to back off at first. They do allow her to help. She reforms S.H.E.. the amateur detective group she had with her friends Ellie and Heidi, years ago. And since it raises questions about her late friend Kate, Sammy is more than determined to find out what has happened. How did Jane know Kate? Why did she have something of Kate’s in her possessions?

Sammy slowly learns things that the police never did and soon solves the case with a shocking find and who the killer really is.

Another fun book from author Holly Quinn. The characters are well-written and the story is very easy to read. The next book in the series comes out in 2020.

You can pick up A Crafter Hooks A Killer in stores on Tuesday, June 11th from Crooked Lane.

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