Book Review: ‘A Conspiracy Of Bones: A Temperance Brennan Novel’ By Kathy Reichs

Book number in nineteen in the series finds Temperance in Charlotte during the hot summer. She’s still recovering from her aneurysm and dealing with the new Medical Examiner, on old nemesis, Margot Heavner. Alone one night she thinks there’s a prowler but doesn’t catch anyone. Then a body is recovered with no identification and has been chewed by wild hogs.

Temperance wants to help with the case but Margot isn’t having it. So she decides to go out on her own and she starts her own investigation and enlisting help from Skinny, a former cop and a few other people she knows. It takes her to various places as she pieces together the live of this dead man and it might also lead to the disappearances of young children over the years.

The more she digs it leads her to situations that are not good for her. It leads to stunning climax and lives in jeopardy.

Another sterling novel from author Kathy Reichs. Temperance is a great character who’s smart and cares about people. She will stop at nothing to get to the truth, even if it means putting herself in jeopardy. There’s a reason that this is book number 19 in the series. Here’s to 19 more.

You can pick up A Conspiracy Of Bones in stores on Tuesday, March 17th from Scribner.

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