Book Review: ’10 Truths And A Dare: A Novel’ By Ashley Elston

Author Ashey Elston has written the fell good book of the spring, maybe of the year in the YA genra. It’s a fun, enjoyable story of high-school graduation and the events leading up to the big day. For Olivia and her huge Italian family it’s a big day coming up for her. She and her friends are all looking forward to the day. But Oivia gets an e-mail from her Principal saying she never finished her P.E. gold class and cannot graduate. Olivia contacts the coach and finds out he would not sign off on her becuase she missed to much time. He offers her a chance to finish up working a golf tournament this week. Olivia takes it but has to devise a plan to not tell her family or her mother who has a tracking device on her phone and who texts her non-stop. So it’s up to her friends to help cover for her. And then there’s Leo, an old friend of the family. He’s in the tournament and he and Olivia like each other. But things get out of control and soon Olivia screws up and it might cost her graduating and she has to face her family and friends.

You can pick up 10 Truths And A Dare in stores now from Disney-Hyperion.

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