Movie Review: ‘Rampage’ Is A Disaster, For Better And Worse

‘Rampage’ is one stupid ass movie. It has a plethora of one dimensional characters. It’s filled to the brim with poorly written exposition. Some of the casting is terrible. The story feels like a really dumb excuse to get all the characters to the city of Chicago. Yet, when the movie finally does get to Chicago, it becomes exactly what you would hope for from this source material. It’s a city smashing, B-Movie blast!

Now, as previously mentioned, you have to make it through all the shot to get to the sugar. So, that means you have to buy Dwayne Johnson as a primatologist. You have to accept Naomi Harris would happen to live close enough to the crash from space of her former experiment that she could just drive down the road to do “something” about it. That government agents would put a 1,000 pound ape on a plane (which crashes in a horribly derivative scene). That Malin Akerman and Jake Lacy can actually act, let alone run a major corporation that invents world altering substances. And so many more things that I feel it pointless to drag on about.

What does work in the film is the ridiculous destruction that an oversized wolf, crocodile, and ape do to the city of Chicago. Really, that’s all the ‘Rampage’ video game was all about anyway. Nobody cares about “the Rock” as a primatologist or corporations creating ridiculously stupid programs. Nobody cares about apes who can flip the bird to their buddies (although the relationship between the ape and “the Rock” is about the only thing in this story that works). People will enjoy this movie for its explosions, monsters, and shitty one liners. If people enjoy this movie at all.

Nathan Ligon

Nathan Ligon

Film / Theater / Music Critic at Red Carpet Crash
The son of Executive Producer Jon Ligon, Nathan has spent his life in the company of filmmakers and some of the best musicians in Dallas, TX. He has since become a highly viewed critic and short filmmaker for Red Carpet Crash and Shot & Cut Films.
Nathan Ligon

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