Movie Review: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Is The Most Epic Film Ever Made

There are lots of adjectives that ran through my head over the course of the swift 156 minutes that transpire in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. Words like “epic”, “amazing”, “breathtaking”, “frightening”, and “hilarious” kept popping in my head as the events bounced my emotions around like a pinball machine. Yet, the word that most consistently kept rearing it’s surprising existence was “shock”. I was shocked by what was happening before my eyes within the first five minutes of the film, and pretty regularly from that point on.

Which is a bit odd, because I kind of expected the opening of the film to go the way it does based on the ending of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and the trailers I’d seen for the film. Still, to contemplate a potentially difficult scene and then to watch it are two very different things. And that opening is pretty much the only thing in this movie that I came close to predicting. The rest of it surprised and down right shocked me consistently. 

There is very little in the way of plot that I can write about here without giving stuff away. There’s also no way for me to talk about any of the shocking things that happen in this movie without ruining some of the best things in the film. I can’t even really dissect what I think makes the movie great because it completely revolves around key parts in the villains plan that cannot be discussed. Honestly, I have never been so eager to talk about all the things I think make a movie fantastic, but can’t really discuss any of them. It’s kind of irritating, but that’s the way it needs to be because to ruin the surprise would be an injustice. 

What I can tell you is this movie is the villains show and he is officially now in my top five villains of all time. Josh Brolin doesn’t just capture Thanos and his movements. He fully encompasses this character with heart, soul, depth, and darkness. There is no doubt that he is the darkest and the most powerful villain ever put on screen, but he is also the most fleshed out I can’t think of in a long damn time. I’ve read many people call him a sociopath, but this is not completely correct. The film gives him emotion and he sees that his purpose is to save the galaxy from itself. There is no doubt that he is a personification of evil, but he is ideologically pure in his intention. Which is the most frightening thing a villain can be. 

Then there is the interplay between the largest cast of stars ever assembled for a film. And not just stars because they are popular actors, but because this film is littered with the most popular characters ever to grace the silver screen. It is no secret that many will be coming for the joining of these colossal personalities and Kevin Fiege knew this. So, he and the Russo brothers have thrown the kitchen sink at audiences this time around. It doesn’t take any time for this movie to start moving. The banter between Doctor Strange and Tony Stark is the first sign of levity the film gives and boy it’s hilarious. There’s also some truly side splitting jokes between the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor. In fact, the way that team reacts to Thor is possibly the funniest thing in the movie. Cap and his team are mostly with familiar friends, but the dynamic has changed. Plus, watching T’Challa and Cap lead an Army of Bucky, Black Widow, Falcon, Hulk, and all the warriors of Wakanda is pretty amazing. Especially when certain characters make a surprise appearance. 

I was elated for much of this films running time because of how many “cool” moments there are riddled throughout, but I was also exhausted as well. This film sends audiences that love these characters through the ringer from minute one. One minute you are mourning the death of a beloved character and the next you are cheering for the introduction of another. One minute you are on edge because the action won’t let you catch your breath and the next you are in tears because characters are forced to make impossibly emotional decisions. If you are a Marvel fan than this film is like riding every roller coaster at Six Flags and stopping a few times to find out your cousin just died or your mother just got kidnapped. Your emotions can handle it, but boy you will be beat when it’s all over. 

Which is exactly how a movie of this magnitude should go. Is this the best story Marvel has told? Absolutely not. ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’ are much better stories on their own. Is this the biggest and most emotional story Marvel has told? Hell yes! This movie is the ‘Return of the King’ of the Marvel movie franchise, but without the fifty million endings. This film is non-stop action from beginning to end and audiences are promptly rewarded for their ten years of patient with the most epic film ever made. Yet, it’s the ending that makes this movie great and all the implications that it implies. It’s the ballsiest ending to a major blockbuster I’ve ever seen and it will be all anyone is talking about this weekend. Make sure your one of those people because this is an event like no other. 

Nathan Ligon

Film / Theater / Music Critic at Red Carpet Crash
The son of Executive Producer Jon Ligon, Nathan has spent his life in the company of filmmakers and some of the best musicians in Dallas, TX. He has since become a highly viewed critic and short filmmaker for Red Carpet Crash and Shot & Cut Films.
Nathan Ligon

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