Woods Hole Film Festival Review: ‘The Limit Of’

Review by LC Cragg

This first-time filmmaker’s effort delivers on every level: relevancy of topic, story line, pacing, beautiful cinematography, great casting, acting and soundtrack.

Alan Mulligan, Director, Writer, Producer has a lot to be proud of, as we see the characters wrestling with the black heartedness of the banking world, as the lingering effects of the great recession hit the hearts and souls of all of this film’s characters. The story’s hero, James Allen’s journey is one of duty, and tenacity and transformation.

The film explores limits imposed upon us by the choices we make – limits set by our careers, desires, needs and even the choice of who we love. Mulligan’s vision of the realities of human compassion versus greed are subtly portrayed in each characters’ choices and circumstances. Actors, Lawrence O’Fuarain and Sarah Caroll’s on screen chemistry proves to be dynamic, real and riveting.

Rarely does a triple threat ( Director/ Writer/ Producer) take on the additional world of editing and emerge so successfully. No doubt, Mulligan had a vision for the film and perhaps editing was the best way to keep the film committed to that vision. The film’s sophisticated pacing allows the audience to have reflective moments, which is refreshing in this day and age of constant on screen action. As the film progresses, scenes are seamlessly transitioned. The elimination of unnecessary boastful dialogue keeps the film’s messages, pure and realistically engaging.

The icing on the cake for this film is the wonderfully fitted sound track from accomplished singer/songwriter, Mick Flannery.
The film is a true treat. One can only hope that it has set the bar for more great films from Alan Mulligan.

For more information about the festival check here.

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