Win A Copy Of The Book ‘After All I’ve Done: A Novel’ By Mina Hary

Diana Sparrow had a horrible car accident five months ago. She had broken collar bones and can’t remember months of her life. She knows things are not good in her marriage or her life. She also knows her husband Jonathan is cheating on her with her friend Valerie. We learn via chapters narrated bye both Diana and Valerie what exactly the deal is with them and Jonathan.

Then a handsome man names Cole shows up and we start to learn his point of vies. But there meeting is set up by Cole and he knows more about Diana but never lets on. And weird things are happening and Diana thinks she might be going crazy.

It plays out in a thrilling way and readers will not be disappointed when we learn all the facts.

You can pick up After All I’ve Done in stores now from Crooked Lane.

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