What Is A Gravity Bong, And Why Are They Popular?

Cannabis is legal in most states across America, and the trend is only continuing. The recreational marijuana market in the US is valued at $3.2 billion. Hence, there is a demand for smoking devices that offer a more intense high. It is where gravity bongs come in.

A Geeb gravity bong is a smoking device that has been around for years. It is often made out of plastic, metal, or glass. It uses the force of gravity to fill the chamber with smoke.

It causes the user to inhale more smoke than they would from a traditional smoking device. Gravity bongs are becoming more and more popular, especially among young people.

This blog post will discuss the history of these smoking devices and why they are growing in popularity.

What Are Gravity Bongs And Its Components?

A gravity bong is a unique water pipe that uses gravity to fill the chamber with smoke. It consists of a bowl, a downstem, and a bottle. The bowl is placed upside down on the top of the bottle.

The downstem goes through the hole in the bottom of the bowl and extends into the water inside the bottle. When the bottle is filled with water, the bowl is placed over the top of the bottle and lit.

The user then pushes down the bowl, filling the chamber with smoke. They can then remove the bowl and inhale the smoke.

What Are Its Different Types?

1. The Bucket
A bucket bong is the most basic type of gravity bong. It is simply a bucket of water with a bowl sticking out of the top. Fill the bucket with water, put your weed in the bowl, and light it. The water will slowly start to suck the smoke into the bucket.

2. The Waterfall
In this model, the bowl is placed at the bottom of the bottle. The bottle is then filled with water until it reaches just below the bowl. Once everything is in place, you light the bowl and wait for the water to start draining. As the water starts leaving, it will create a vacuum. It makes the air be pulled into the bottle through the bowl.

3. The Inverted Bucket
The most popular type of gravity bong is the inverted bucket. It uses a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off and a bowl fitted onto the bottleneck. The bowl is usually made from aluminum foil or a screen.

To use an inverted bucket, fill the bottle with water and place it upside down in a bucket or sink. Then, you pack the bowl with weed and light it. As you inhale, the bottle fills with smoke. When the bottle is complete, you quickly remove it from the water and put your mouth over the top. Then, you inhale all of the smoke at once.

Why Are Gravity Bongs Popular?

1) Safety
There is no chance of burning as you won’t be holding a lit torch so high in the air. You can also use a regular lighter, which is cheaper than butane.

There is also no chance of tipping the bong and spilling your weed everywhere as it is completely sealed when you’re not using it.

3) No Filter Need
Filters are not necessary with a gravity bong as the water catches all the ash and resin. It means you get a much cleaner hit, easier on your lungs.

They are becoming popular because they offer a cleaner way to smoke weed.

4) Easier to Fill Up
You can quickly fill up a geeb gravity bong with any bowl size, so you don’t have to refill it constantly. It is excellent for having friends over and wanting to share your weed.

Final Thoughts
A gravity bong is a simple yet effective way to smoke your favorite herbs. They are growing in popularity because they are easy to use and produce a powerful high. If you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy your smoking experience, give it a try.

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