Watch Trailer For ‘Jockey’

Directed by: Clint Bentley
Written by: Clint Bentley, Greg Kwedar
Produced by: Clint Bentley, Greg Kwedar, Nancy Schafer
Director of Photography: Adolpho Veloso
Music by: Bryce Dessner & Aaron Dessner
Starring: Clifton Collins Jr., Moisés Arias, Molly Parker
JOCKEY will be released in theaters in NY and LA on December 29, 2021

An aging jockey (Clifton Collins Jr.), hopes to win one last title for his longtime trainer (Molly Parker), who has acquired what appears to be a championship horse. But the years – and injuries – have taken a toll on his body, throwing into question his ability to continue his lifelong passion. And the arrival of a young rookie rider (Moises Arias), who claims to be his son, and whom he takes under his wing, further complicates the path to fulfilling his dream.

Instilled with an immediately engaging realism by filmmakers Clint Bentley and Greg Kwedar, JOCKEY takes audiences inside the “backside” of racetrack life in a way no other film has. Filmed at a live racetrack in Arizona, and featuring real jockeys, JOCKEY reveals the true rider experience – real life, behind the track.

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