Watch Exclusive Teaser Trailer For ‘Hello From Nowhere’

HELLO FROM NOWHERE is directed by Anthony Orkin, starring Summer Rain Menkee, John Armour, Denah Angel, G. Scott Brown, Sean Paul Ross. It will be released in late 2021.

Hello From Nowhere is a romantic musical comedy thriller, set in the woods of Oregon. Two couples are on a camping trip when they meet a stranger who says he’s hiking to Canada. The truth is more complicated. Desperately lonely, Jason tries to peel someone – anyone – off this group, to join him in the woods, forever. All set to the jaunty melodies of an imaginary Gilbert & Sullivan musical!

Jason puts all that he learns about the couples to work against them. Will John and Lanie get their mojo back? Will Brendan and Denise ever find their mojo? Will Jason get some company as he walks the trail, or will his secret be revealed? The games, shocks, and snatches of Victorian karaoke multiply until the explosive, symphonic conclusion of “Hello From Nowhere”.

Hello From Nowhere Teaser 2 from Anthony Orkin on Vimeo.

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