‘Twisted Sisters’ Preview Monday On Investigation Discovery

“Smoky Mountain Murder” – premieres November 9th at 9/8ct
Denice and Aaron Smith appear to be the perfect, loving couple until Denice’s infidelity crumbles the marriage. The divorce proceedings are bitter, and Aaron is awarded custody of the children. Not long after, Aaron is found dead in what appears to be a robbery gone wrong. The kids are missing, as is Denice. After a massive manhunt, investigators find the kids safe and sound, with Denice. But there is more to the story than meets the eye.

“The Good Sister” – premieres November 16th at 9/8ct
A serious childhood illness limits the mental development of Debbie Burns, requiring her older sister Barbara to care for her. For nearly forty years, the sisters live a modest, peaceful life together in St. Petersburg, Florida. But a substantial inheritance disturbs the calm in the Burns home, pitting one sister against the other until, finally, one of them snaps.

“The Old River Road” – premieres November 23rd at 9/8ct
Sisters Janice and Betty move from Hope, IN to Seadrift, TX looking for a clean start. But trouble follows them to the Texas coast as Janice’s marriage soon falls apart. Resentment and anger build until finally, the sisters plot a murder. However, the plan has a fatal flaw, as they leave their victim lying by the side of the road, leading to an intense cover-up and cataclysmic chase the sisters never saw coming.

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