‘Twisted Sisters’ Preview Monday On Investigation Discovery

Season Two Finale Airs Monday, October 21 at 10/9

Executive produced by Khloé Kardashian, TWISTED SISTERS takes viewers inside the most shocking crimes ever committed by the unlikeliest of pairs. Sometimes these sisters work together to commit a crime, but often the duo can turn against one another with the deadliest of outcomes.

Blood in the Snow premieres Monday, October 14 at 10/9c When a philandering husband is reported missing, police quickly suspect foul play. The focus of the investigation turns to not only his wife, Eve, but her sister, Tina, as well.
The Bloodiest Bond premieres Monday, October 21 at 10/9c What starts as a childhood friendship between identical twin sisters, Jordan and Jessica, and the older neighborhood boy, Steven, turns into a turbulent adult romance that ends in a restraining order. Everything seems to calm down until Steven makes the fatal decision to break the restraining order.

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