Transform Your Screen Time Habits with a Fun Game that Breaks You Away from Social Media While Watching Movies & TV

Media multitasking is a given in the modern digital environment. While the cinema is still a place where people ditch their phones and focus on the movie, outside of big-screen viewing, people tend to use their devices when watching movies or TV shows. While simply encouraging people to turn their phones off when watching is an admirable quest, the reality is that people can’t resist using their phones. Yet, there is a game that could help people stop using social media while viewing and could help focus on the drama unfolding on the screen.

Game On

Classic bingo has undergone a revival through the popularity of online casinos. Online bingo is a great activity to engage in while enjoying your favourite movies or TV shows as it allows you to multitask. Your online bingo tickets can be configured to self-mark, so even if you become absorbed in the movie or TV show, you won’t ever overlook a number.

If you miss a number and win a prize, the online operator will let you know, even if you don’t choose auto-marking. Unlike scrolling through social media, which often results in people disconnecting from the action and missing key plot elements, bingo allows you to keep your attention on what’s developing. This can make the viewing experience more enjoyable and can also help to keep your mind active and engaged.

Another plus is that bingo is the top game for creating a sense of community, as the players are generally encouraging and aren’t engaging in one-upmanship. It is important to pay attention to both the bingo game and the movie or TV show, but we are generally efficient at media multitasking and it’s much easier with bingo than with other games such as blackjack or poker.

Full house
Movie or TV show bingo involves physically printing bingo cards and playing with friends while you all watch the same thing. It does require someone making the effort to print the cards for everyone, but it’s a great way to ensure you’re all engaged in what’s happening. Each person needs a different card and you simply mark off squares as the things happen in the movie or TV show you are watching.

There are many example cards you can find online and these are for specific shows. Playing bingo while watching a TV show is particularly enjoyable with a show with recurring themes or characters with habitual mannerisms. Game of Thrones was a great example of this with bingo squares such as “The Hound curses”, “named character dies”, “someone drinks wine” and “Tyrion makes a quip.” It can be a little more difficult with movies, but you can make the squares less specific such as “dancing”, “drinking coffee” and “kissing.”

Whether online or physically playing bingo while watching movies or TV shows can be a fun and engaging way to pass the time. It offers the benefits of multitasking, avoiding social media and an opportunity to bond with friends or family. 

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