Top 5 Psychological Thrillers To Read

There are times when we dive so deep into a novel that it almost feels like we are in the story. Bookworms all over the world can swear to one thing when they pick up a psychological thriller, the book better is good, or else there is no point.

So, are you pining for some psychological thriller yourself?

A psychological thriller has to be catchy, descriptive, and devastatingly unputdownable. The kind of book which can accompany you an entire Sunday afternoon without having to put it down.

As a bookworm, if you are looking for their next great psychological thriller read, you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be talking about five of the best psychological thrillers which can tweak your creep meter and keep you hooked for hours.

Keep reading, and let us dive into the list.

The Best Psychological Thrillers

Here are our best picks for a Sunday evening with a good psychological thriller. If you are not getting them in your bookstores nearby, then download the ebooks for free from the pirate bay.

1. Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier
Marrying a fascinating and rich widower is not always a plot for psychological thrillers. But Daphne Du Maurier turns the plate perfectly. This is a story about an innocent girl who falls in love with a widower whose wife died mysteriously a few years ago.

When she is brought to the man’s estate, she is welcomed with an array of the making of mist and darkness. While she is under the constant jealous eyes of the housekeeper, soon she discovers a horrible secret about her handsome husband, and the rest is up for you to read.

2. In A Dark Dark Wood – Ruth Ware
An old friend whom you have not seen for years suddenly invites you to their hen party. So, you go, what’s the harm in that. Well, those would be your famous last words if you were in this novel by Ruth Ware.

Written from the viewpoint of an unstable and unreliable narrator who found herself in the hospital, forgetting most of the details of her friend’s hen weekend, the story set sail towards the glass house in the dark, dark woods.

3. One By One – Ruth Ware
Another excellent work by Ruth Ware is where she portrays the nightmares of a closed-room psychological thriller. You go to an idyllic winter’s getaway and get stuck in the resort with others.

Yes, it is boring, but soon things take a diabolical turn when people start to end up dead. No one left or entered in the last 4 hours, so the killer must be-

One of them!

4. Verity – Colleen Hoover
If you are aware of Colleen Hoover’s work of romance, then brace yourself for this psychological thriller – romance, which will keep you hooked in the whirlpool of obsession and horrific secrets.

The story starts with Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer who suddenly gets a huge offer as a ghostwriter for bestselling author Verity Crawford. However, rather than reading through her previous novel, she starts to discover the dark secrets of Verity when she sits for her assignment.

Plus, it is the sheer chill of ‘Verity is always there, always looking’ that grabs your attention more than anything.

5. The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides
From a perfect life to a silent patient, the story revolves around Alicia, who had fulfilled all her dreams as a start painter. However, they come to a sudden halt when she shoots her husband and never speaks again after that incident.

Is it the trauma, or is it really hiding something? That is what our character Theo Faber is trying to discover, and he is fairly determined to make her talk.

Best Qualities Of A Psychological Thriller
Here are some of the best qualities of a psychological thriller. Just a little sneak peek at what you will be getting in our choices listed above.

– In any psychological thriller, you should be getting a deep dive into the behaviors of a disturbing mind.

– There has to be a theme of crime or something related to mental illness, multiple realities, and morality.

– It is always a cherry on the cake when the psychological thriller depends on the entire story on an unreliable narrator.

– A great twist in the tale is a perfect finish to a psychological thriller.

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