Top 5 Movies To Inspire Yourself For Writing

There is always an avalanche of ideas whirling in the mind of every writer and for the most part, making them come alive becomes an issue. Perhaps the most unique feature of writers is that each is bound to function differently. It hardly matters if one is a beginner who struggles with scribblings or is a world-famous writer with millions of copies sold globally. The key to unlocking innate potentials and letting your creative juices flow is embedded in the ability to stay motivated. Ample motivation would help turn those wonderful ideas in your head to excellent works of art.

There are so many motivational movies for students but for the purpose of this article and in no particular order, we shall take a look at 5 top inspirational movies that can propel a writer to create wonderful masterpieces.

Midnight in Paris: A slight shift from the norm, this movie was all about a new writer who had struggled for years to produce anything of note. All of that took a different turn when he travels to Paris with his fiancée and was somehow able to transport back to the 1920s where he met his literary icons.

A sturdy lesson in the plot and execution of this movie is that one can draw inspiration by going through the works of writers past whom you admire by taking a good look at their work and possibly learning valuable lessons that would come in handy while writing, seeing as the idea of getting to meet these your heroes might be far fetched

Sunset Boulevard: Considered one of the greatest screen adaptations of all time by enthusiasts, critics alike, this movie focuses on a good writer trying to catch that big break. He kept at it until an almost forgotten movie star reaches out to him with a juicy offer to write a screenplay with which she would reintroduce herself to the world.

He, of course, takes the offer and by dabbling into an aspect of writing which he isn’t familiar with, wastes valuable time exhausting himself and getting nothing close to the level he seemed destined for in the past. The real lesson here is never to get distracted by trying out unfamiliar endeavors which you might be ill-equipped for. Stay focused on the goal.

Finding Forrester: A simple yet sophisticated plot leads to a movie which is seen as one of the best college movies due to the fact that young people can relate to the storyline. The movie is all about a local youngster who does the wise thing of making friends with a top writer and veteran, thus enhancing his own skills.

The simple fact that young writers could benefit immensely from aligning with a mentor is highlighted here, showing the importance of having a guiding figure. is an example of an online essay service that provide writers with such guidance. These professional writing sites provide scholars with ample and quality write-ups and services to help in navigating the world of writing.

Almost Famous: A young writer is cast in this movie based on his experience as an emerging writer contracted by rolling stone to capture in words, everything about the activities of members of a rock band. While on a world tour with them, he quickly finds out that the life of fame is more than meets the eye.

Here, the lesson is young writers can attain greater heights if they set their minds to it. The youthful enthusiasm is one which must not be wasted by procrastinating due to lack of experience.

The King’s Speech: World War II as we know it was mostly fought externally. However, unknown to many is the little but important detail that King George VI who stumbled on the crown at the time was battling with a lifelong issue of stammering. The movie lesson plans then focus on how he was able to conquer this slight but utterly important impediment.

The lesson is simple. If the young king could overcome this obstacle, so can you of any fears you might have about being a writer

A vital link in the life and career of every writer is the presence of passion and skills which can be brushed up to produce even better content over time. However, other minute details such as inspiration cannot be overlooked.

As style differs, so does factors that aid in motivation. What works for you might not work for others, yet there is no denying the simple fact that taking a look at the works of other writers ought to give the right ideas on how best to proceed. These works include screen representation, paintings, similar writings or other forms of art.

Susan Wallace has always been seen as a frontier writer who spent a lot of her time writing several travel articles for diverse magazines and media outlets in America. Starting off as a writer at a young age, she was undaunted by age or gender. She achieved this feat due to having a clear understanding and motivation to attain her goals.

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