Top 5 Movies About Mormons Life

Who are Mormons?

Members of the principal branch of the Latter Day Saint movement of Restorationist Christianity (often called “the Mormons“) can be found all over the world. They work in business and agriculture, education and science, entertainment industry and media.
There are many mormon movies and here we list top 5 church movies about Mormons life.

The Other Side of Heaven
Genre: biography adventure drama
Duration: 113 minutes

A simple country boy John Groberg crosses the ocean and becomes one of mormon missionaries on the far and exotic Tongan islands. Behind him, he leaves the family and the true love of his life to Jin, whose letters support his spirit in difficult times. John has to overcome the language barrier, psychological barriers, and deep suspicions, in order to win the trust and love of the Tongan people whom he came to serve. In the three years that he will spend on the islands, he will gain friends and wisdom. This guy will change his life forever.

Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs
Duration: 120 minutes
Genre: Drama, Biography
Directed by: Gabriel Range

A drama is based on real events about the life of the scandalous Jeffs Warren, who is a polygamist, a pedophile, a racist and part-time ex-president of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saint movement of Restorationist Christianity. The role he played for the Church was even highlighted by Edu birdie I always use( the site to write my assignments), dedicated to religion studies. In 2002, a continuer of Mormon traditions and his father’s business, Jeffs Warren led the church, and then, four years later, and a list of the most wanted FBI people. Almost two years he was hunted by authorities who accused Warren of violence against minors, including incest. On September 25, 2007, the prophet’s arrest took place and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but then the verdict was tightened: Warren received life imprisonment, 20 years from the top and a fine of 10,000 dollars.

In Gods Country
Duration: 86 minutes
Genre: Drama, Biography

One of touching and inspirational mormon films about a woman who tried to rescue her children from the sect. Judith Joseph was born in a polygamous sect, where her whole life passed under the control of strong and powerful leaders. She decides on desperate measures: she sets her house on fire and hides herself with her five children so that they can not share her fate. Judith is completely unprepared to solve the problems that she has to face in the world outside the sect, but she is ready to build a new life, despite all this. Her eldest daughter returns to the sect, naively believing that she will be allowed to marry his beloved boyfriend. When Judith learns that her daughter’s wedding will not be with him, but with her stepfather, she realizes that her heroic escape was only the beginning, and now she has to go back to save her daughter.

Mobsters and Mormons
Year: 2005
Genre: comedy
Producer: John E. Moyer
Time: 90 minutes

When former Mafioso Carmino Pasquale gives testimony to his boss, he begins a lively hunt. Especially, a hired killer Little Babe Nikki Capuchchio is looking forward to meeting him. And then the FBI includes Carmino and his family in the witness protection program. Now they are the Cheeseman family, and their new place of residence is the Mormon community. It is crazy for Carmine because here you are not allowed to get a cup of coffee, not to mention drinking alcohol. Yes, and it is not that easy to adapt to a new society without showdowns and concepts…

Baptists at Our Barbecue
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Country: USA
Year: 2004
Time: 92 minutes

Equilibrium is important in almost all social and biological systems. And if something happens that violates this equilibrium, then soon any small event or change can lead to a whole series of severe and unforeseen consequences. It was in this situation was the central character of the movie “Baptists on our barbecue.”

In the center of the plot is a young man Tartan Jones, whose life was in a small town in the state of Utah. Almost 29 years he never left his hometown and was already tired of the constant monotony and lack of a faithful and loving friend in his life. Reflecting on his existence, he decides that something needs to be changed urgently.

As a result, his fate leads to a small town, almost lost from civilization because of the rocky mountains. Once on the spot, he realizes that he can try his luck and build a happy family life. However, it soon becomes clear that 50 percent of Baptists and 50 percent of Mormons live in this city. For many years they kept the balance and now the protagonist of the movie “Baptists on our barbecue” viewing which can be carried out on our site online, violates it.

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