TOP-5 Casino Movies you Must Watch in 2020

Movies have become an influential part of our culture. The combination of images, music, dialogue helps us better understand our own lives and how society operates.

Casinos are becoming more popular as well due to the success of online casino platforms and slots online. Many cities, such as Amsterdam, have started to embrace casinos as regulators begin to ease rules around gambling. Gambling is engaging and many people find that watching high-rollers gamble can be even more entertaining.

Many casino movies portray the events that occur in the gambling world. Hollywood casino movies allow viewers to feel the thrills and euphoria. Below is a list the top five casino movies to watch this year.

Runner Runner (2013)

Runner Runner is a Hollywood casino movie that is based on a true story. Richie is a Princeton student who uses his earnings from online gambling to pay for his college fees. The student packs up and travels to Costa Rica to find the mastermind behind the “corrupt” poker site. Ivan, who is dirty, decides to involve Richie in his operation. Things start getting dangerous as Richie starts to see how unethical his new boss is.

In this movie, you explore the online gambling world. The film’s thrilling scenes keep viewers interested as they get to watch gamblers plan moves, make bets, and take their winnings.

The Gambler (2014)

The Gambler is one of the best casino movies. Starring Mark Wahlberg, viewers watch a man betting in a private gambler’s den owned by the Korean mob. You soon discover that the Gambler is in debt to the host for more money than he can afford.

The Gambler comes from a monied family that owns banks. His mom tries everything in her will to bail him out, but he refuses and wants to prove his independence.

This movie has excellent casino cinematography and a clear overview of Los Angeles. Along with a suitable soundtrack featuring Bob Dylan, viewers see exciting action across the casino boards. The Gambler has viewers questioning the decisions Bennett makes, making one of the best casino movies to watch in 2020.

Wild Card (2015)

Wild Card is an action-packed Hollywood casino movie that many Jason Statham fans enjoy. In Wild Card, he plays Nick and shows off some of his cunning conversational skills while keeping his expected fight scenes.

Not much is said about Nick’s past, but everyone assumes he has a history of violence. His most recent job was to get beaten by a guy who tries to impress a lady; this job gets Nick $500.

Nick’s next assignment is to help a woman who is very close to his heart. She wants Nick to help her find the man who raped her. Nick goes all around Vegas on his search.

Win it All (2017)

Win it All is ones of the top casino movies. It gives viewers a peek of a gambling addict’s life and the temptations that follow. The film also makes use of some comedy to add for a lighter mood.

Eddie Garret is a gambling addict who works at Wrigley Field as a parking attendant. He agrees to guard a mysterious duffle bag for a friend who becomes imprisoned.

Eddie decided to deal conditions for $10 000 upon the prisoner’s return. When he later discovers what’s inside the bag, Eddie gives in to temptation and blows over $21 000. The prisoner is released early, limiting Eddies time to win all the money back.

Molly’s Game (2017)

This is a famous Hollywood casino movie based on actual events in the life of a young Olympic skier, Molly Bloom. Molly Bloom ran the world’s most private high-rollers poker game. Molly’s Game carried on for more than a decade before 17 FBI agents arrested her in the middle of the night.

Her player network included big sports stars, Hollywood royalty, wealthy business owners, and the elite Russian mob. The only person on Molly’s side was her Lawyer, who got to know a little more about her than anyone else.

Viewers can see why this movie makes the top of the best casino movies list. This movie contains entertaining scenes that are full of energy and portray an image of powerful females who are not afraid to stand tall in a man’s world.


Our casino expert, Eliasz Nowak, is an expert in online gambling and loves casino movies. He aims to create a better-informed gambling audience and help people connect to the correct casino brands. He thinks casino movies are one of most fun ways to get introduced to the world of gambling.

Many viewers can gain valuable lessons and most casino players can benefit from these lessons.

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