Top 4 Motivational Films for Students

We cannot imagine our lives without movies these days. We go to the movies or watch them at home to have a good time, relax, see a great story, or just have some good laughs with our friends. Sometimes, though, films can give us more than just entertainment; sometimes, a good film can give us a lesson, help us reflect on our lives, and maybe even go through some tough times by helping us to make the right decisions. Loss of motivation is a serious problem that can really change your life for the worse, and sometimes, all you need is just a little push to achieve great things in life. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the motivational movies that can give you that extra push to excel in your education or simply look at things from a different angle to get that encouragement of personal development.

Good Will Hunting

Well, let’s get started with the classics. Good Will Hunting is exactly the film you’d want to watch to get some extra motivation for accomplishing some great things in life. Of course, Will Hunting’s story is not the story of an ordinary college student; he is a math genius unlike all others but what he lacks is self-respect, love, care, and friendship. That is one of the most popular and common movies for free essay samples about film analysis, and you can surely find film analysis essay examples for Good Will Hunting if you want to learn more about this film. That is the movie that teaches us about the essential value of simple things as love and friendship in our lives and that sometimes even the greatest of talents might go unnoticed because of self-esteem issues.

Ad Astra

Though this movie is not exactly for students, it is generally a great self-reflection film that might be most revealing to the male audience. This movie is a sort of study on masculinity, emotions, the value of love, and the pursuit of fulfillment. We have the main character, a manly man, a strong physical type who controls his emotions. His relationships get ruined by his lack of empathy, he pursuits his goals with no regard for himself or those around him but deep inside, he hides pain, insecurity, and longing for his father’s love and approval. And when all of his convictions and beliefs, including his view of his father as a great hero, go crumbling down, he is left in a literal vacuum of deep space with nothing but pain, weakness, and a shattered worldview. That is where he finds the strength to let go of his prior convictions and start a new life. That is one of the films for self-improvement that teaches us that sometimes our weakness can only make us stronger and more fulfilled as individuals.

Searching for Bobby Fisher

Here we have another young genius film about a guy named Josh who is really good at playing chess. He is a true prodigy and potentially the greatest chess player of all time, and seeing Josh’s talent, his father decides to make him a star. The pressure gets really high, and Josh does not seem to cope well with such stress. Here we have a movie about a great talent being smothered by parental pressure. That is where Josh decides that sometimes, it might be better not to be the very best and goes for the win on his own terms. He embraces his gift but rejects his father’s vision in favor of personal happiness.

The Theory of Everything

Well, if there ever was an inspirational individual, it is no doubt Stephen Hawking, a great British scientist who dedicated his whole life to finding the answers to the greatest questions in the Universe. While being a university student, and a really good one at that, he’s got diagnosed with a terrible disease that would slowly but surely render him completely paralyzed. That is the movie for the restoration of motivation in students that proves that you can achieve success even through the greatest of odds if you work hard enough. If a guy who could not walk and gradually lost his ability to even talk could do that, you can do that too. Stephen Hawking was a phenomenal man indeed, a great teacher, stellar scientist, incredible author, and a larger-than-life inspirator for millions of people around the world.

Wrap Up

If you feel down and completely unmotivated to do your homework, just think about what you can achieve if you put some real hard work into yourself. Of course, not all the things they teach you in school will find their uses later in your life, but it does not mean you must not study. Work hard, learn, observe, and read and one day, you’ll achieve great things in life.

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