Top 3 Biggest Vegas Wins

More often than not, when people visit the casino, they do not expect to come out as a millionaire. The odds are rarely in your favor when it comes to winning big, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Here are the top three biggest wins in Vegas we have ever seen!

Top 3 Vegas Winners of All Time

We all play to win, but only the lucky few really win this big. Some players get lucky and manage to turn a few dollars into millions. The three people we will talk about today tested their luck repeatedly, and it paid off in the end!

Persistence is Key

The first winner we’ll be talking about today didn’t initially win a record-breaking amount of money. An unnamed 60-year-old woman won $680,000 at the Palace Station in Las Vegas. This alone is still a life-changing amount of money, but she didn’t stop there.

Instead of spending her winnings on material items, such as a new home or car, she continued to visit the casino to gamble regularly. She first won on the Wheel of Fortune machine, but through her persistence, she ended up winning a second time playing the Megabucks slots.

Her earnings from the Megabucks slots totaled in at an astonishing $27 million. There is no word as to what she is currently doing with her prize money, as she remained anonymous. But if her luck streak continues, we could potentially see her winning a third time.

Big Shot Playing Slots

Winning big bucks at the casino twice is exceedingly rare. Not many people can brag about the accomplishment. Well, Elmer Sherwin is not like most people. The WWII veteran first won in 1989, only ten hours after the Mirage first opened its doors.

His first winning totaled in at $4.6 million. Sherwin decided not to waste any time and took the money he had won to travel the world. While traveling, he continued to gamble regularly. He ended up visiting various casinos to play slots a couple of times a week, just in case his luck struck again.

Sixteen years after he won in ’89, Sherwin ended up winning a second time, this time raking in a whopping $21 million. Instead of traveling or spending all the money on himself, he ended up donating a good portion of his new winnings. This showcased how he was not only lucky but gracious as well.

Small Investment, High Return

The largest jackpot ever won in a Las Vegas casino happened at the Excalibur in March 2003. To support his favorite basketball team, an anonymous man came to Vegas in hopes of watching his team win. He ended up hanging out at a casino and spent $100 in hopes he’d be able to take some winnings home.

This anonymous man ended up winning an astonishing $39.7 million by playing the Megabucks slots. To this day, this is one of the highest jackpots anyone has ever won in the world. He decided to receive his payout in chunks at a time, roughly $1.5 million per year.

It is hard to remain anonymous after winning so much money, but this man has succeeded in doing so. There is not much known about the winner, except that he was a software engineer and was reportedly only 25 years old when he first won.

What’s the Big Takeaway Here?

It seems that all three winners here have one thing in common that helped them win: not being afraid to lose. Each of them set aside some time and money just to see if they could win anything for fun, and it paid out in the end. So long as you are responsible, don’t be afraid to dish out some cash because you could be the next person on this list!

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