‘Top 10 Movies About College Life’

Movies about college life have always been popular within a wide audience. Students’ life can be interesting to students who want to see some fun of their daily routine from the movie’s perspective. To adults who want to think about good time which they had when they studied at university, or to seniors at high schools who want to see what they should expect from future college life. These movies can be perceived as a set of stereotypes about students, but in some aspects, they represent typical characters that can be found at any university. If you want to enjoy a movie about the difficulties of college life, the essay writers team prepared the top 10 movies about college life for you.


This film is about a guy who was had dyslexia, but who believed in his dream to be a football player at the university team. This movie is inspirational for people who think that life circumstances can be stronger than a desire to do things that they love. If you want to enjoy a typical story with situations that can be relateable to all people who have to overcome difficulties on the way to their dreams, this movie will be a perfect option for you.

Pitch Perfect

This movie will be a good choice for everyone who thinks that music dramas are boring. This movie will be an exception for you, as it demonstrates not only a fun or dramatic situations from a college life, but also you will enjoy a popular hits and great choreography in a context of the importance of team spirit and the difficulties which were overcome by a different characters who were united by the love to music.

Legally Blonde

A movie which can be labeled as a classic in the genre of dramas about student life: you will enjoy a great atmosphere of the best university in the United States and the great job which was done by Reese Witherspoon as a leading actress. This movie will teach you to think beyond stereotypes and believe in your dream no matter what.

Monsters University

It is a great option if you want to watch a movie with your children or younger siblings, as it is an inspirational story about friendship and the importance of teamwork. The whole family can enjoy the moral of the film which states that background does not matter if you want to reach your goal, and all you need is to forget about pride and support from your friends.

Old School

The story focuses not only on college life but on the importance of good and loyal friends and devotion. If you want to watch a movie where good guys are struggling to beat stereotypes and win over a stronger evil side, this film is a great choice for your evening.

Dead Poets Society

If you have never seen this movie, you definitely should watch it right now. A great story where Robin Williams played one of the most important roles in his career. A pure classic that cannot leave you indifferent.
With Honors

This is a story about important life lessons that students cannot find in textbooks or hear during classes. This movie will demonstrate to you the importance of friendship, sympathy, and the power of team spirit.

This movie tells the story of a guy who decided to create his college because he was not accepted to the real one. A story about outsiders who did not want to disappoint parents, but who learn very important lessons during the adventure which they experienced with the fake college.

Road Trip
This is a movie about a college student who had to take a long trip in order to save his relationships. There you will not find a lot of scenes from college life, but you will learn important lessons about love and friendship with these characters. So, this comedy is a perfect choice for you if you want to enjoy an adventure which a group of friends had during their college years.

The Social Network

This is a story about the founder of Facebook and the difficulties which a young genius had on his way to success during his college years. A controversial film which demonstrates how friends can become enemies, and teaches us that it is important to stay devoted to the essential things such as loyalty and sympathy even when you participate in a project which brings millions of dollars.

These films are not only about funny situations which students face during their college years. These stories are about love, friendship, conflicts with parents, and difficulties which young people have to overcome during the important period during which they start to define their vocation. These stories will remind you how to fight for your dream and believe in yourself, even if you think that the whole world is against you. So, if you need some inspiration, this list will help you to choose a movie where you can find things that are familiar and important to you.

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