The Ultimate Girl Crushes From All The Streaming Channels

There’s never a bad time to kick back and watch a series with a stellar cast, but the whole experience is made even better when there’s a brilliant actress somewhere in the mix. We’ve picked our biggest girl crushes from the year so far, each of whom is in a series, movie, or documentary on one of the main streaming channels.

Whether you want to watch a heartbreaker on Hulu, a princess on Prime, or a selection of total badasses on Netflix, we’ve got you covered. So, get the popcorn at the ready, sink in to that couch, it’s time to indulge in some of the most brilliant women in streaming.

Poker Queens (Amazon Prime)
Chilling out in front of a David Attenborough documentary is one thing, but sitting down to watch this feature length documentary couldn’t be further removed from that experience. Poker Queens is not a meditative or contemplative documentary experience, but rather an all-guns-blazing attack on the modern poker circuit, from the point of view of the women who work in it.

Getting a female perspective is particularly interesting, because only 5% of professional poker players are women. This has meant that some of the women that were interviewed for this documentary have experienced difficulties that their male counterparts wouldn’t have at the card tables. One of the interviewees even dressed up as a man in order to be taken seriously at a tournament.

This selection of girl crushes is so bold in the face of adversity that we can’t pick a favourite, we just wholeheartedly recommend that you watch it. If you get the urge to test out your own poker skills afterwards then playing online can be a good place to start. Sites like Cafecasino provide guides and promotions that make the game super accessible for new players, giving you advice and helping you to improve your skills quickly

Killing Eve (Hulu)
Next is a double girl crush from the hit series Killing Eve. Originally made for the BBC, Hulu have brought the rights meaning that those in the United States can now get in on the action. Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh take the rolls of Villanelle and Eve Polastri respectively in this cat and mouse drama. Eve is dedicated to tracking down Villanelle and putting her behind bars for the crimes she has committed. However, it turns out that Villanelle is also interested in meeting Eve and finding out what her fascination is for her.

The problem is that Villanelle is a highly trained serial killer who doesn’t have a shred of remorse for her crimes, which could be putting Eve in grave danger. This is a true edge of your seat thriller with moments that will make you laugh, cry, and blush. It’s one thing to have a great thriller with a female lead, but even better to have four whole series of it, with two exceptional women heading the show.

The White Lotus (HBO)
We’ve just finished the second season of The White Lotus and we couldn’t be any more in love with Jennifer Coolidge if we tried. In both series Jennifer plays Tanya, the daughter of a deceased billionaire who likes a drink a little more than the average human and has plenty of cash to splash. We won’t spoil the plotline for you, but Tanya screams wealth and plenty of people try to take advantage of her for that. With a slightly zaney side to her personality she can sometimes come across as totally eccentric, or perhaps even a little crazy, but there are plenty of layers to this complex character.

We’re praying they will bring this character back for the third season, she was after all the online storyline that spanned both of the seasons so far. Not only is she exciting to watch, but Vogue even commented that she had sparked a whole new MILF trend.

Wednesday (Netflix)
Finally, it would have been practically impossible to get to the end of a girl crush list without a mention for Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams. There have been so many iterations of this character over the years that Ortega had huge shoes to fill, but under the direction of Tim Burton she managed it with aplomb.

Wednesday is hilarious and devious in the coolest, calm, and collected way. She always walks to the beat of her own drum and her wardrobe is to die for. Although we literally only just finished season one, this runaway success has already had a second season commissioned. We can’t wait to see what incredible dance moves and devilish stunts Wednesday pulls off next. If last year was hot girl summer, then this year is definitely going to be the year of goth girl summer.

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