The 5 Best Movies About Gambling

Online gambling has been an option for decades, currently surpassing land-based casinos as the preferred destination for players. Hollywood blockbusters have contributed to the growing popularity of the games and served as a source of inspiration for potential players. There are many movies with a gambling theme out there, but if you seek the best experience, these five titles won’t let you down.

The best-known movie for blackjack fans, 21 is based on a real story and that’s what makes it so exciting. A math professor and a few MIT students travel to Las Vegas trying to beat the proverbial house edge. It explains the basic blackjack principles and how card counting can be used to give players an edge over the casino. Kevin Spacey has a memorable performance as the brilliant professor.

Rain Man
The 1988 movie has a clear gambling theme, but it is also a far more complex title. It has won four Oscars, for the best director, actor and picture thanks to the stellar performance of Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. It tells the story of a man who tried to use the incredible skills of his autistic brother to win a fortune in Vegas. It also tells a touching story that is guaranteed to linger in the minds of moviegoers.

The Hustler
One of the oldest movies on our list, it was produced in 1961 and it is still a pleasure to watch a day. The Hustler tells the story of a pool expert who travels across the country to make money while gambling. It has nothing to do with the modern theme of online gambling or sports betting, but it is a true gem. Paul Newman makes this black-and-white film a timeless work of art that is always worth watching.

The Sting
Another classic move from 1973, the Sting brings Robert Redford and Paul Newman into the spotlight. The game of choice is poker and the two incredible actors tell a gambling story with plenty of twists and unexpected moments. It is a roller coaster of emotions that highlights the tense nature of poker games, when they are played at high stakes and under tremendous pressure.

We have saved the best for last because Casino is the ultimate gambling movie. Released in 1995, it features a plethora of remarkable actors such as Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. Martin Scorsese shed some light on the Las Vegas casinos ran by the Mafia many decades ago. Compared to other movies about gambling, this is a tough one, with plenty of brutal scenes. The stellar acting of the incredible cast, as well as the amazing story will keep viewers at the edge of their seats. It is a movie about deception, greed and the devastating effects of a crime syndicate taking over a legitimate business. Source of content from

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