The 10 Greatest Moments From The Osbournes

The Osbournes was one of the greatest TV shows to have graced our screen in the early part of the 2000s, as it gave viewers an insight into the crazy and wacky life the British family had whilst living out their lives for everyone to see.

Of course, the show only ran for four seasons and a total of 52 episodes, however that did not stop Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack from all having iconic moments that can still be remembered to this very day.

Indeed, their star appeal is something that had made them very successful, with each of them having been able to benefit from it rather lucratively with the name becoming popular in a number of different fields such as the Ozzy Osbourne online slots game, his brand image as the ‘Prince of Darkness’ and what he managed to achieve as a member of the Black Sabbath, whilst he has become a rather commercial product through various different merchandise that can be bought with his name on it. Similarly, Sharon has become a huge television personality whilst Kelly and Jack did their own things, as well.

Here are just 10 of the greatest moments to have ever happened on The Osbournes (not in any particular order):

1. Bubbles for Ozzy

Viewers of The Osbournes were able to witness some first-hand behind-the-scenes action when Ozzy was performing at a Christmas gig dressed as a demonic Santa. Sharon, though, appeared to try and lighten the mood a little by adding some bubbles, which left the “Prince of Darkness” fuming and going on a tirade at her.

2. Kelly and Jack fall out after he dances with Christina Aguilera

One of the most memorable moments to have ever been shown on The Osbournes was the feud that happened between brother and sister, because of Christina Aguilera. Jack had been dancing with the pop star and Kelly was not having it, as she believed her “beef” with her should have also been Jack’s, but she felt that he “just wanted to say you danced with Christina Aguilera. After fighting with each other, Sharon breaks it up but the feud continues for years, with Christina buying their old house and selling it for a profit, before making peace with Kelly.

3. Kelly’s tattoo

Normally, a typical scene in the show would involve Ozzy telling his kids not to do something, but they would go and do it. Kelly ended up getting a tattoo that left Ozzy hitting the roof. He was fine when he found out it was small, but decided to ring Sharon at the salon and get Kelly to tell her whilst she is having her hair washed.

4. Ozzy’s quad bike incident

The Prince of Darkness suffered a serious accident on a quad bike incident when racing around the estate, suffering neck injuries, a broken collarbone, and eight fractured ribs. He ended up in the hospital, however the moment showed that the family might have been crazy but that there is plenty of love.

5. Kelly’s Birthday

Never far from the picture, Kelly’s 18th was one that was truly iconic as it is something we would all love to do if we could. She took a private jet to Las Vegas with friends and family, although complained for much of it as she thought Jack was ruining it for her.

6. Jack watches Teletubbies in Las Vegas

As part of the birthday celebrations episode of The Osbournes, Jack was seen watching the Teletubbies with his mates whilst they were in Las Vegas. Why he prepared for a night out in Sin City like that is anyone’s guess, though.

7. Sharon beating cancer

Perhaps one of the most heart-warming parts of the show was being able to witness Sharon be able to beat the colon cancer that she had been diagnosed with in 2002, as the show took viewers on the emotional rollercoaster with her as they watched her go through her doctor appointments and showing the fatigue she had been suffering because of the disease. It helped raise awareness widely around the world.

8. Sharon’s ham-throwing

Viewers of The Osbournes did not have to wait too long to get a glimpse of what the Osbournes are like as a family, as Sharon started slinging ham in the first season. After Ozzy’s attempt to play loud death metal music to drown the folk-singing neighbours failed, Sharon decided to throw ham and bagels over the fence.

9. Ozzy and Jack’s fishing trip

In season 2, Ozzy and Jack go out fishing but end up getting in trouble after throwing firecrackers and pelicans. The highlight of their day? When Ozzy catches tin cans and a bird.

10. Ozzy’s hatred at technology

If Ozzy had an issue with technology back then, he must be even angrier now. He launched a tirade of curses when his TV was stuck on The Weather Channel and was confused by the ringing telephone before calling for Jack to help him out. “Nightmare in Beverly Hills”, he proclaimed!

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