Some of the best Netflix and YouTube documentaries on cryptocurrencies.

Netflix, YouTube and other content streaming sites have perhaps never been as popular as they have been at this time, with the COVID-19 restrictions meaning that many people were left stuck indoors and looking for things to do. Content streaming became an even more popular activity in such a scenario, while at the same time, there has been growing interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain as well in this time period. In fact, we have seen cryptocurrencies be used in various sectors where you would not have normally thought that there would be benefits from doing so, with one such example being that of online gambling. More and more online gambling platforms are now using blockchain to improve their offerings, and cryptocurrency betting options to give customers something new to play with. Thus, games like crypto roulette are showing up more and more on these sites, and this is just one example to show how popular these have become. Thus, we have some of the most popular movies and documentaries on this topic available on YouTube and Netflix for you to check out and learn more about this growing innovation.

Explained: Cryptocurrency (2018)

The ‘Netflix Explained’ series has become extremely popular since it manages to break complex and interesting trends and topics down into short episodes with all the necessary information for beginners to understand that topic, and this is the case for cryptocurrencies as well. Chapter 16 of Season 1 deals with cryptocurrencies, and in just 14 minutes, it manages to explain these concepts intelligently and concisely.

Banking on Bitcoin (2016)

This is one of the most popular documentaries about Bitcoin on Netflix, and it traces the story of Bitcoin’s evolution since its creation back in 2008. The movie follows various people who were essential in the early days of Bitcoin and crypto, such as the Winklevoss twins, Michael Casey, Barry Silvert, Charlie Shrem and many others.

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto (2015)

One of the biggest mysteries in the crypto world is the identity of the creator of Bitcoin, who is only known as Satoshi Nakamoto. This is an extremely short documentary (around 8 minutes), which follows two journalists as they try to find this mysterious person’s real identity, and is available on YouTube.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble (2018)

This is a Bitcoin documentary in Spanish, which makes it simple for people to follow and understand, without using much of the technical jargon that we have become accustomed to seeing in the industry. It takes viewers through the history of money, as well as providing an explanation of the relationship between currencies and precious metals. Thus, in this evolution, many people believe that crypto and bitcoin should be the next stage, and this is the idea that is explored in this documentary.

Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it

The financial crisis of 2008 serves as the backdrop for this documentary, which provides the reasoning behind the creation of cryptocurrencies. The arrival of Bitcoin has completely changed the way we perceive money, and these changes are being considered and discussed in this documentary by Torsten Hoffman, who has also directed another movie on cryptocurrencies.

Viraali (2017)

This is a Finnish movie, directed by Thomas Laine, and is more than two hours long. The story is about four individuals who commit theft of cryptocurrencies, and is an excellent example of independent cinema getting into the crypto space in terms of moviemaking.

Crypto (2019)

This is another movie, not a documentary, with cryptocurrencies as a key plot point, and is perhaps the first Hollywood movie which uses cryptocurrencies in this manner. The case includes the likes of Beau Knapp, Luke Hemsworth and Kurt Russell, and the story revolves around a case of money laundering through cryptocurrencies.

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