‘Smothered’ Returns To TLC Sunday, May 24 Watch Trailer

How close is too close? If you thought the mother/daughter pairs from season one pushed the boundaries of bonding, you haven’t seen anything yet! Returning Sunday, May 24th at 10PM ET/PT, sMothered follows the lives of six attached-at-the-hip and over the top mother-daughter pairs with uncanny but undeniable bonds.

“From the start, the ladies of sMothered made a knock-out first impression on our viewers,” said Howard Lee, President and GM, TLC. “The love these mothers and daughters have for each other is eyepopping, yet endearing, relatable, and totally TLC.”

From sharing their morning showers to going under the knife for plastic surgery together, these outrageous and sometimes outrageous ladies bring a new meaning to the term unconditional love. This season will feature three brand new, shamelessly inseparable pairs, unlike anything fans have seen along with returning fan favorites as noted below.

Meet the new and returning mother/daughters pairs:

Mary & Brittani (new) These two are really, really, really close! For starters, Mary thinks that the absolute best way to start her day is to take a shower with Brittani. They also enjoy co-colonic therapy! And, while Mary can’t imagine Brittani ever moving out, Mary’s husband Frank thinks Brittani needs to go and start her own life after graduation.

Marcia & Alena (new) Alena is a bright, bubbly, music-loving 21-year-old with an enzyme deficiency, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. Her mother, Marcia, tends to Alena’s every need with humor and playfulness. She won’t let Alena have a puppy, but she will become a puppy – and wake Alena up each morning with a face full of licks.

Laurie & Sarah (new) Flip it and reverse it! Sarah the daughter handles the motherly duties in this pairing. Though her mother Laurie certainly still has her comically controlling moments, her health is declining, which has Sarah anxious and in overdrive about her caretaking. Laurie is more concerned that her daughter and boyfriend, Miguel, get engaged and married while she can still plan and attend the wedding.

Sunhe & Angelica (returning) Angelica and Jason are still going strong…much to Sunhe’s dismay. Jason is finally ready to divorce his wife, and Sunhe insists on attending the intimate legal proceeding and awkwardly serving as their witness. With the divorce final, Jason plans to propose to Angelica without Sunhe knowing.

Dawn & Cher (returning) Dawn and Cher are more like twins than mother and daughter. They look, speak and act nearly identical, and now are dressing as “The Triplets” after Cher gives birth to a little girl named Belle Mae. Naturally Dawn is involved in every single step of the pregnancy and birth plan causing tension with her doctor husband Jared, who knows his wife and what he’s talking about medically. But, there’s laughter as the three of them navigate their new roles as parents and grandparent.

Kathy & Cristina (returning) Kathy’s first stop of the day is Cristina’s house which is only five houses away from hers. That might be too far for this duo! Kathy and daughter Cristina have a plan to move in together while her and her husband Carlo do a full remodel on their family home. Kathy can’t wait for her daughter and grandkids to move into the basement but just the idea of it has tension at an all-time high with Carlo and Cristina’s younger sister Carly.

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