Short Movie Film Review: ‘Get Ready With Me’

Review by David Ferguson

Greetings again from the darkness. Vendela is a seemingly shy teenager who is often the victim of emotional bullying by her more secure and popular classmates. Vendela hopes her YouTube vlog will bring her the appreciation and attention she craves. Because of this, she volunteers to be first in showing her film assignment to the class.

Her teacher Lukas (Swedish screen vet Shanti Roney) is visibly shaken as Vendela’s (newcomer Miriam Benthe) video graphically shows how to commit suicide with a razor blade. As any decent teacher or person would, Lukas fears for his student and tries to connect with her to better determine her mental state. His good intentions backfire as he becomes the focus of her next video, and a home visit with Vendela’s mother ends with much arguing and shouting.

Director Jonatan Etzler and writers Amanda Hogberg and Axel Nygren have delivered a half-hour long twisted Swedish thriller that will have you questioning how you would react as a teacher faced with this situation, and just how much has the social media craze compounded the difficulties in navigating high school? We witness bullying and teen angst caused by isolation … neither of which is confined to this era, however, the newfound need for attention (or is it fame?) can certainly warp the perspective of teenagers.

‘Crossing a line’ isn’t possible if the line no longer exists. The two lead performances are excellent and director Etzler creates an atmosphere that fits the uncertainty we experience towards the characters and their actions. 30 minutes zip by as we wrestle with our own emotions, as well as those of Lukas and Vendela.

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