Short Film Review: ‘The Wind Phone’

Greetings again from the darkness. If there is a phone booth present, we are usually watching a movie that is at least 20 year old, or one that is set in the distant past. But not this time. Writer-director Kristen Gerweck tells us the film is set in 2012 on a Cliffside in Otsuchi Japan. We are also informed that the story is inspired by true events.

We only hear one end of the conversations at a time, and at first we don’t understand how the seven people – strangers to each other – are connected by the phone. What we do see is a gorgeous seaside view with an oddly placed phone booth. The performances are as exceptional as the view.

The film has a haunting feel contrasted with the beauty we see. This is only Ms. Gerweck’s second short film, and it has been well received on the festival circuit. With elements of an episode of “The Twilight Zone”, her film delivers a curious, tension-packed few minutes.

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