Short Film Review: ‘The Last Storm’

Greetings again from the darkness. A diagnosis of lung cancer immediately changes one’s priorities in life. For 60 year old Mike Marz it meant checking off an unusual item from his bucket list … storm chasing. For the vast majority of us, storm chasing has been limited to watching director Jan de Bont’s 1996 film TWISTER starring Bill Paxton. But this is the Mike Marz’s real life story, and no cows go flying by.

Mr. Marz contacts his much younger nephew, Mark Zabawa, and the two men head to the Midwest in hopes of catching the tail end of the year’s tornado season. Documentarian Liam Saint-Pierre joins them in the car with his camera rolling. We witness the lulls in action, followed by the adrenaline rush of speeding towards a storm and possible tornado.

Saint-Pierre’s photography is stunning and captures the magnificence and power of nature, the danger of the situation, and the excitement of Mike and Mark. However, as fascinating as the storm chasing is, this is really the story of a man fulfilling one last wish, and two ends of the life cycle bonding over an experience with Mother Nature.

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