Movie Short Review: ‘Wives Of The Skies’

Review by Lisa Payne

Derrick (Dew Brandon Jones), the lechy (normal for the time) photojournalist is in a hotel bar and spots an opportunity to leer at two pretty women, sorry I mean make a “documentary”.

Fran (Rachel Aig) and Marcy (Maddison Bullock) are stewardesses for Fine Air and seem to fit the stereotype very well. They invite Derrick to their hotel room to interview them. He assumes he will have a ménage à trois. Derrick takes a cameraman with him, and is thrown completely off his game by something he totally did not expect. Derrick partially regains his composure to bestow his male gaze upon Marcy. Marcy takes it all in her stride as she explains the durability and craftsmanship of the uniform, and how much they love their job.

Fran invites them to come back to dinner another night. Derrick accepts because he’s intrigued and still thinks he has a chance with the women. A similar scene plays out in reverse. Derrick thinks what is happening is being put on for his benefit because he’s a man and everything has to be about him.

Although initially uncomfortable viewing,once I saw Fran and Marcy being their authentic selves, I was hooked.

This short film is perfectly complex.

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